Os Tubaroes

Os Tubaroes

Os Tubarões group (The Sharkes) were long viewed as Cape Verde’s “official” band in the new days after independence. This seven-piece band became the ambassadors of Capeverdean music, exporting their both light-hearted coladera dances, tradicional morna songs and funaná beats that adresses the problem of Cape Verde’s far flung diaspora all over the world. One of its particularities was that none of its members was a full-time musician, they were also lawyers, doctors, civil servants and so on. “Os Tubarões” recorded 8 albums from 1976 to 1994.

Since the group disintegrated in 1994, much has been said about a possible return. But that did not happen. After the death of the singer Ildo Lobo, it was even thought that it would be difficult to succeed. After all, behold them. And for now the sensations are good, before songs resurrected as Biography of a Creole, Largan largan, Cansera ka has measured, Somada, Tunuca or Alto cleaver. “The reaction and affection that the public showed at the Festival of Gamboa exceeded our expectations because they were 22 years old. Going back like this and feeling that empathy is special. But it is proof that we continue to be important to many people. Some of them will have traveled in time and the youngest who have ever seen us have reacted very well. ”

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