Festive music from Cape Verde. Rotterdam, the Cape Verdean group Tabanka. These young, fresh band was inspired by artists of an earlier generation, such Bulimundo and Américo Brito. Tabanka brings its own contemporary interpretation of Funaná, a swinging and energetic music of the Cape Verdean island of Santiago. Funaná is the music of the descendants of slaves, which was mixed in the eighties with pop and jazz, which became part of the Cape Verdean identity part after independence. Basis for Funaná the diatonic accordion (gaita) and the ferrinho, a metal rod with notches which is grated. Tabanka guarantees a festive and steamy show that standing still is not an option.

with: Pai Gomes (gaita, lead vocals), Tati Gomes (drums, vocals), Jason Gomes (bass guitar), Jerry Gomes (percussion, vocals), Hat Gomes (percussion, vocals), Tomas (percussion, vocals), Landy (guitar , vocals)

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