Shoes inspired by the Capeverdean Islands

Fotograaf: Charissa Saija, Graphic Design: Kimberley Wanga


Two organizations from Rotterdam with roots in the Cape Verdean islands ‘Diversité Footwear’ and ‘Sodade Festival’ have entered into an exclusive collaboration. The sneakers designers and Cape Verdean festival organization joined forces to design a shoe model, inspired by the colors of the Cape Verdean flag; Bridge Katchas Low Top.

The name ‘Katchas’ is derived from the stage name of Cape Verdean music pioneer: Carlos Alberto Martins. This year Katchas is the figurehead of the 3rd edition of the Sodade Festival which will be held in the Doelen Rotterdam on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 June 2018. During Sodade Festival visitors can see, feel, fit and place a pre-order of €50,-. It’s also possible to place a pre-order on the Diversité website.

The Bridge Katchas Low Top is inspired by the colors of the Cape Verdean flag. The inside of the shoe is completely white lined, has a bright red insole and the two upper fat holes are surrounded by blue eyelets. What immediately stands out is the golden yellow color of the shoe, which stands for the then stars on the flag, the then islands of Cape Verde.

The collaboration was a logical choice for both organizations.

Wesley dos Santos and Adilson Araujo, founders of Diversité Footwear and winners of the FunX Media Business Award 2018: ‘’We are very proud with the result. We are both born in Rotterdam, but we also feel connected to Cape Verde. The feeling we get when we are in Cape Verde can be described as warmth, liveliness, hospitality and pride. These words suit us as a brand and the exact feeling we want to convey with the shoes.

Through the collaboration with Sodade Festival we embrace the country where our parents and passion come from. While designing the shoes we chose the golden yellow color, because everyone wearing the shoe is a star. In the Cape Verdean flag the stars stand for the ten most important ten islands. To us everyone is an important star with her or his unique characteristic. ‘’

Oswald dos Santos, initiator of Sodade Festival and winner Rotterdam Music Award 2017 in the category ‘Best Festival’: Sodade Festival was born out of love for music, Rotterdam and Cape Verde. During the festival big national and international artists with a Cape Verdean background or love for Cape Verde, treat visitors to all the beauty Cape Verde has to offer in music, art and culture. As an organization we believe in the dream of Diversité founders and their vision. This collaboration is beautiful and unique opportunity for us to capture Cape Verde and the festival in a shoe. During the festival we offer visitors a unique opportunity to walk on shoes that stand for the Cape Verdean roots. It just doesn’t get better than this.’’

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